Business Law

CNN reports that the failure rate of small businesses is nearly 70% in California, and that rate has been consistently trending upward. Part of the reason that new businesses struggle is because starting a company or a new venture is intimidating, is complicated, and most new business owners are unfamiliar with all of the steps that they need to take to increase the chances of success. An enormous part of giving your business the best chance for survival and success is by establishing a relationship with an experienced business law attorney who thoroughly understands the specific needs of your business, who can advise you on various legal issues, and who can assist you in ensuring that you have the appropriate legal documents in place.

At Morten & Fairchild, our attorneys have significant experience in business law as well as significant experience in various business ventures. Given both our legal and business acumen, our team is particularly qualified to assist business owners at all stages of business. We can help you choose the proper business entity, draft the appropriate agreements and contracts for your business relationships, secure the proper protections for your intellectual property, advise on the best ethical business practices, introduce you to other professionals that are motivated to help your business grow, and much more. Consult with our attorneys to determine whether Morten Fairchild & Ta is the right fit for you and your business.